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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 21, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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republicans take control of the senate. if he stays in, i think it will have a serious impact on the senate race, not so much the presidential. >> sean: guys, thanks for being with us. >> good-bye, stuart. he was mean to me earlier like greg. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. greta is next. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight governor sarah palin is here. do republicans wish they had listened to governor palin? why is that? there's a wild and giant controversy brewing, and republicans from coast-to-coast are steaming about it. governor sarah palin will be here to tell you about it. plus, dismissive and arrogant. that's what one former navy seal is calling president obama. these veterans are serious, they're furious, and now fighting back after president obama says he's not taking their criticism too seriously. you're going to meet the former navy seal in just one moment. and one of the country's most famous democrats laughing, that democrats will blame bush forever. you'll hear and see the video for yourself.
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but first president obama may say he's not taking some military veterans' criticism too seriously, but now the vets are taking on the president's latest words. joining us is former navy seal scott taylor. welcome, sir. >> hi, greta. great to with you. >> greta: certainly seems that there's now -- i mean, you put out a video, and president obama says he didn't take you too seriously. now it's your turn, i guess, right? >> well, i think it's a two-part answer. first i would say with all due respect to the president, i think his statements were condescending and belittling to a group that literally has hundreds of years of service to this nation. the secretary part of the answer is his dismissive statements mean the opposite, because i think he understands that the american people know that this kind of group has the authority and knowledge to speak on the impacts of these leaks on ground
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and much more credibility than a campaign spokesperson. >> greta: now general martin dempsey is traveling from afghanistan to iraq. one might have colleagues, jennifer griffin, is traveling with him. he apparently takes issue with you. he says if someone uses uniform, whatever uniform, for partisan politics, i'm disappointed, because i think it does erode that bond of trust we have with the american people. he then -- he then goes on to say that some of the critics -- that there is criticism that might be valid, but won't comment on that. what's your response to general martin dempsey doesn't like former navy seals speaking out like this? >> well, i have nothing but respect for the general. he'stiv active duty. we're not. we're citizens. we have a first amendment right to speak out, and we feel we're doing the right thing. this is what we're doing. i understand folks may take issue with it. i'd like to hear what his comments really were, or what
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his thoughts are that he can't speak about. of course i just got a call from afghanistan two days ago from an active duty teammate of mine who said, what can i do to help out? i told him, you know, nothing because aabout you're active duty, so you can't do anything. this group feels we're speaking out on something we feel strongly about, helping those who can't speak for themselves, can't speak out. the response has been overwhelming, overwhelmingly positive. >> greta: well, you certainly have allies on the issue of national security leaks. there's an investigation going on here in washington. so certainly people are taking it very seriously as well. senator feinstein, who is one of the most outspoken democrats on it. the question of whether or not the president was bragging or taking credit for the killing of osama bin laden, i don't think anyone doubts it was the courage and the bravery of the navy seals, all the people who have been supporting them in this endeavor. what is it that you don't like that president obama's done
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vis-a-vis the osama bin laden kill? >> well, let me first preface this by saying our group is much more than navy seals. we represent all the special forces and intelligence, former special operations and intelligence officials. the president deserves credit, as would any president for presiding over an operation like this, however the high-level access to hollywood producers, the year anniversary campaign commercial. you know, we get criticized for the video, but if you see the video and watch it in its entirety, the "i" statements certainly overshadow the team. >> greta: the president is zeroing in on one member of your group, a member of the birther movement, who has put some rather insulting things on his facebook page about president obama. i suspect that he was really sort of speaking to that person. i think that's sort of your -- i
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suspect that that's what he's driving at. do you not agree? >> well, let me say that our response is, in our group, it's very diverse. we have obama donors, president supporters, and we have folks, of course, that are republican. i would say that generally the military, although it's diverse, probably is a little bit conservatives. so it's not a far stretch to say we have a lot of conservatives, but we also have former president obama supporters and donors. so i think that the campaign has done nothing but come out with statements, and including the president himself, that are directed at the messengers, sort of attacking them, and not taking seriously the actual message itself. so i think that my advice to the presidential campaign and everyone out there, and americans understand how serious this is, is to take the actual message serious as was called upon by democratic congressional leaders like john kerry and republican congressional leaders like senator mccain.
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>> greta: in my wildest dreams, scott, i can't imagine anyone saying in reference to navy seals, i don't take these folks too seriously. i can assure you that 99.9% of americans are in great awe of the sacrifice of navy seals and other intelligence open ops peoe that put their lives on the line. i know that everybody respects the navy seals immensely, and the intelligence people. >> we really appreciate that. we're not looking for credit. we feel very strongly about speaking out about issues that are -- that could potentially hinder future operations and put our brothers and sisters that are on the frontlines in jeopardy. we feel strongly about it. we have our first amendment rights. we fought for them. we're going to continue to do so. >> greta: and fought with great bravery and more than what the rest of us are doing, i might add. anyway, scott, thank you. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure, greta. thank you. >> greta: thank you.
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another big name veteran is slamming president obama, arizona senator john mccain is calling president obama the weakest commander in chief since jimmy carter. now why such harsh words and is it fair? former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton joins us. that's stinging, too. first the navy seal officers, and now senator mccain. >> i don't think it's harsh criticism. it's entirely accurate. in fact, jimmy carter looks better and better every day compared to the way president obama is conducting our affairs. i think what senator mccain is pointing to is not just the conduct of president obama during war, but his entire approach to protecting american interests around the world. i wish it was were a much bigger issue in the campaign, because i think it demonstrates a failure of leadership that could hurt us very badly. >> greta: the aclu takes great offense with him because of some of the things he does, for instance, ordering the drone attacks. on the other hand, he's also getting squeezed by the aclu. they think he's not weak, if anything that he's overly
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interested in going to war. >> well, i think the issue of the drone attacks is really quite interesting, and compares to the democratic president in between, president clinton, who was famous for launching tomahawk missiles in afghanistan or the sudan. the drones is a bloodless way to go after something. while they certainly have their uses, and have will more in the future, it's also a low-cost way of appearing to take action, but not really addressing basic causes. >> greta: it seems to me that when you look back at someone's history as a president, has the world changed for the better or for the worse? i mean, are more countries going nuclear, for instance, or have we maintained the status quo? has there been management? largely probably management, but still have looming out there issues like iran. >> well, i think we've got more than that. i think the entire geostrategic situation in the middle east is
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collapsing around us as we see the muslim brotherhood taking power in egypt. we see syria in chaos. we see threats to israel increasing because of iran's nuclear weapons program. we see russia more and more assertive. we see china building up its military capabilities, making huge territorial claims in the east and south china sea. the united states has no response to much of any of this. that's the sort of thing the president simply doesn't want to deal with. he doesn't see it as terribly challenging or threatening to the united states, and it's a big mistake. >> greta: egypt, what would you do differently? >> the first thing the president did wrong 18 months ago as have an inconstant position on mubarak. it wavered back and forth and ultimately we threw mubarak under the bus. he said, if i go, the muslim brother hollywoohood will be in. lo and behold he was right. i'm not sure we could have stopped the overthrow of
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mubarak, but constancy to your friends is a virtue. it undercut our credibility with our regimes in the middle east like the oil-producing countries of the persian gulf, all ruled by kings and amirs, who say to themselves, if obama's prepared to do that to mubarak, the upholder of the camp david accord with israel, what is he going to do with us when our biggest trouble comes. >> greta: i was looking at what would happen with israel, whether it's going to destabilize the region if egypt would cozy up to iran. >> i think it is. >> greta: the president of egypt seems to be cozying up to ahmadinejad and iran. >> the overall failure to deal effectively with the iran nuclear weapons program is the gravest threat we face. you know, right now the administration's in a big effort to try to persuade israel that you can count on obama to do the right thing later. he has no credibility on that point. he has no credibility because nobody believes he will carry
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through on it. >> greta: do you think israel will take military action between now and november? >> i don't think it's going to happen between now and november, because if they attacked tomorrow obama would put his arm around netanyahu and say, i was always with you, and it would benefit him politically. i think israel should have acted years ago. i think they'll wait until after the election now. >> greta: in terms of iran, i guess that the sanctions are not making a dent? some impact, but certainly not achieving our goals? >> sanctions are also announced with great fanfare, as if they're some new innovation. >> greta: there's so many cheats, waivers, and excuses. >> sean: what a surprise. ira>> what a surprise. they could be harmed without
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impacting their nuclear program. if the assad regime goes down, iran is all they have. they won't abandon iran. russia will be more assisting the sanctions. >> greta: who will see the biological and chemical weapons, hezbollah or not? if and when assad does fall, who gets the biological and chemical weapons? >> i'm very worried about it. the president finally spoke to it for the first time in 18 months. i'd like to see senator mccain and others to say that it's an absolute precondition, before we give aid to the opposition, that they agree to destroy the chemical weapons or turn them over to us. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, regardless of your political party, can you imagine snubbing the vice president of the united states? one small business owner disss the vice president. he'll tell you why.
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that's next. also, a democrat telling the audience the democrats will blame bush forever. who said this and was she serious? you'll hear from yourself so you can judge. plus, paul ryan saying our allies losing confidence in our leadership. and is he looking forward to debating joe biden? ♪ ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning,
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>> greta: is there such a thing as politely insulting the vice president in a small business owner in virginia tells vice president biden's advance team, no offense, but don't come to my bakery. this came after he was asked to host a media event for the vice president. chris mcmurray, owner of a bakery in radford, virginia, joins us. nice to see you, chris. >> good to be here, greta. it's my pleasure. >> greta: tell me what happened. you're opening up your store, and who shows up? >> well, i was there early on wednesday morning, about 8:00 a.m., work on a large order of cookies for a wedding, and i noticed extra activity outside. about 10:00 when i opened the door, around that time a young lady came in and asked basically permission if vice president joe biden could come in and do a photo shoot and bring a lot of
7:18 pm
press and have a little stop on his way to a larger event at virginia tech. after much thought, what seemed like a few minutes, of course it probably was just a few seconds, i replied, no disrespect to you or the vice president or the -- any of you guys, but i just respectfully decline y'all coming in here. she said, of course, there will be a lot of press here. you know, be good publicity for your business. i said, i understand that very well, but i still respectively decline. she was very nice, very cordial. she just exited and said they'd have to regroup. >> greta: why did you say no? >> well, a couple of reasons. the first reason, differences in my faith, in my christian faith, and what i believe that that administration stands for. i have some differences there. but also in policy, and one of the main things that was playing out in my mind was the statement
7:19 pm
that president obama made in roanoke last month speaking of small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the country, saying if you've got a business you didn't build it. here we are working 16, 18-hour days, my wife has been up for 24 hours, and here are my kids resting and sleeping in the back. yes, we are building this. yes, it's in its infancy stage, but we're working hard to build it. >> bill: you said a difference in your faith. i don't understand what that has to do with this no. i understand the business decision based on the statement that -- you know, about you didn't build it yourself. what does have the faith have t? >> well, i just think that the current administration stands for some things that i don't necessarily stand for because of my beliefs in christian faith. i just think there are some differences in what they stand for. >> greta: all right. well, i got to dig deeper than that, because the government is a rather broad organization with people of all walks of life and
7:20 pm
many different faiths. is this directed at any one in particular or -- you know, i frankly don't understand this one. >> no, no it is not directed at anyone in particular. it's just a personal belief and personal faith. again, i don't mean any offense to the folks in the current administration, but just a difference in belief. >> greta: all right. well, i'll stop there. i won't beat a dead horse on that one. i'm curious what the reaction has been to you turning down the vice president to have his event there. >> sure. the response has been tremendous. we've had a lot of great support locally and nationally. we've had tons of great phone calls and emails and letters and just an outpouring of wonderful support and just saying thank you for being our voice. thank you for standing up for business in america. and the support has been tremendous, tremendous. >> greta: all right. i just got to go back to this.
7:21 pm
you don't discriminate based on faith, do you, sir? you would serve people from -- just so i'm clear on this. anyone that wants to come in and buy a cookie, it doesn't matter, the person's background, right? >> absolutely. i make no discrimination. we make no discrimination as a company. and anyone and everyone who comes in to our store can certainly be served. i think the difference is what this -- what these people were looking for. they weren't necessarily looking for a service, but they were looking for a photo op in a swing state a small business owner, not necessarily looking for really service. >> greta: i'm curious. how is business doing? >> wonderful, wonderful. it has exploded. greta, i can count on one hand the negative comments and the negative feedback that we've gotten. the support has been tremendous. we're so thankful and grateful for the folks that have called and ordered and all of the great local support. >> greta: and i take it based on what you said that you're not going to be voting for president
7:22 pm
obama and vice president biden. i guess that's a given based on the fact that you didn't give them the -- that you didn't want them to do the photo op. >> that's correct, greta. >> greta: all right. that was a pretty easy one. anyway, chris, thank you. >> oh, thank you. >> greta: coming up, the former alaska governor sarah palin wanted to gloat. well, today would be the perfect day for her to do that. some republicans are probably really regretting not listening to her on a controversy that's now tearing you know the gop that could cost the party big time. governor palin is here in a few minutes. also, you already have some of the biggest names who will be in tampa at the rnc, but we just heard about a surprise guest ho may be lurking around the city. find out who that is. stick around. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese
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>> greta: well, the 5:00 p.m. deadline has now passed. the drumbeat, though, is loud, it's getting louder, but it sure isn't getting to congressman todd akin in missouri, blowing off a 5:00 p.m. central deadline to withdraw from the race. congressman akin is trying to unseat democratic senator claire mccaskill. it started during an interview when the conversation turned to abortion. congressman akin said if it's a legitimate rape the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. then all hell broke loose, and
7:27 pm
the highest ranking party members have been urging him to quit the race. now that congressman todd akin missed a deadline and won't bow out, should the gop kiss its chance of winning the missouri senate seat good-bye? governor sarah palin joins us. good evening, governor. i think it's only fair to take a few second and gloat a little bit. you chose the candidate the republican party didn't vote in in missouri, and now all the leaders in the country, republican leaders, are trying to get akin to go. i think they probably love your choice. >> well, i won't gloat about it, but i was right. and sarah stillman's supporters and campaign staff, we were all right in knowing that sarah stillman is the right person for the job to represent missouri, and to allow common-sense conservatives to take back the senate to halt what it is barack obama has done to this country. sarah stillman was the right person. i supported her then.
7:28 pm
i'll continue to support her. >> greta: it looks like senator claire mccaskill will be sending a fruit basket tonight to congressman akin, because he certainly has -- he's certainly jeopardized the chances for republicans to take that seat. and senator claire mccaskill really was on the ropes. now, boy, things have turned around, haven't they? >> well, see, that's the point, greta. claire mccaskill and the democrats thought they were so clever in fighting so hard to get akin on the ballot as the winner in the gop primary. and, you know, many of us who recognize that cleverness, that craftiness from the left, because we're kind of getting used to the games they play, wanted to do something about it. sarah steelman and her motto and her campaign being the status quo has got to go was absolutely right on in saying we need somebody who has a strong record of reform, of fighting crony capitalism, of fighting the good old boy network, of fighting
7:29 pm
ignorance in the senate, and sarah palin steelman was going to be that person. now we do have opportunity even though todd akin has said he won't drop out. bless his heart, i don't want to pile on todd akin, because in some respects i understand what he's trying to say here, standing on principle, that he doesn't want to be perceived as a quitter, but you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them. believe me. i've walked it before. i know when you have to hold that mantel and hand it to someone else in order to progress a positive agenda. that's what i had to do in alaska. in order to take back the senate and promote the i ideas and policies of respecting and protecting the sanctity of human life and respecting the idea and policies that would perpetuate a strong economy based on empowering hard-working individuals instead of going dysfunctional indebted government, we have to take back the senate, and missouri is a must-win state.
7:30 pm
the way we do that is to have someone like sarah steelman be able to run, even if it's as a third-party candidate, to be able to run and take this back. >> greta: are you urging her to run as a third-party? frankly, i have yet to figure out what quote legitimate rape is. he's also quoted saying, from what i understand from doctors, getting pregnant from a legitimate rape is weird. the guy us -- this is flat-out weird. there's no other way to describe it. >> close that chapter what of said, what he meant, how he'll try to explain what he meant. close that. now just deal with the pragmatism in front of us, these decisions that have to be made on when the deck is stacked against you when you're funding has been pulled, when all the bigwigs, not just in the establishment, but those hard-core supporters have pulled their support from you as the gop primary winner, in todd akin, when that support is gone, that would be needed in order to beat claire mccaskill, help
7:31 pm
take back the senate, when it's gone, that's when you have to use discernment and know when to fold them. >> greta: so i'm clear, are you suggesting he get out or are you suggesting the republican party still back him? >> no. i'm suggesting that he get out. he should have reached that deadline today, i believe, personally, and gotten out of the race, but because he did not do that, greta, then we have to figure out, okay, well, what is next? again, without trying to pile on todd akin, what he's going through right now, maybe it is a third-party run of sarah steelman that i can get behind, and granted the status quo has got to go would be an odd name for a third party, but we'll coin it, adopt it, run with it if that's what it takes in order to get a common sense constitutional happens to be pro-life woman in missouri to clean up this mess that's been created, and at the same time take back the senate, which
7:32 pm
means we get to take back the country and put government back on the side of the people. >> greta: you know, it's interesting, i don't think they're piling on him. you know, it's not like it's a gaffe, like he said the wrong word or something. i mean, he says it like he understands from doctors. did he make it up? no doctor is coming out and saying this. this is more than a gaffe. what he's done to the republican party is not only is he going to risk the chance of the republican party gaining the senate by winning missouri, but he's also done one of the worst things you can do in politics, is by handing your opponent ammunition. as the democrats have been talking about a war on women, well, now he's handed them so much ammunition on this by his bizarre statements. >> that's what i mean, by the cards stacked against you, good, bad or ugly, that's what he's facing. this is not going in his favor. you have to step aside from self, from yourself desire to
7:33 pm
get in there and deserve and do what you believe is right, and you have to, in a sense, take one for the team. you have to step aside. hand the mantel to someone else. >> greta: he's not going to. apparently -- >> he has until september 25th to do it. if he doesn't do it, then it will be third party then. we'll do whatever we can to not quash this opportunity that we have to take missouri for the good of the country and for the good of every citizen of missouri, to take it back, put government back on the side of the people. the only way we do that is to have a conservative win in missouri to defeat claire mccaskill, who is highly unpopular. look the at the polls. she's still behind todd akin today, barely, but even despite all this chaos that's going on, that's indication of how unpopular she is. it's doable. it's winnable. missouri is. that leads to winning the senate. that leads to reversing a lot of the things that obama and biden have done to put our children
7:34 pm
and grandchildren in the chains of dependency, to shackle our kids and grandkids in the debt that they have continued to perpetuate, greta. >> greta: have you made a call to sarah steeleman, or do you spend to, or do you have any advice for her tonight? >> no, because here's the deal. i also know my mission that i'm on is to help and not to hurt. maybe todd akin needs to learn a little lesson from me. you need to know when to step back and wait to be invited to important and not invite yourself to the party. what he's doing right now, greta, bless his heart, he's inviting himself back into this general election that's coming up, and he's going to get defeated. that's unfortunate. that is why we have to think pragmatically about this, and we have to think, well, what's another option? is a third-party another option? if it is, let's go. the status quo has got to go. let's do what we can to get there.
7:35 pm
>> greta: governor, thank you. always nice to talk to you. thank you, governor. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, the video that has many fuming. a former democratic cabinet member unveiling what may be a secret or not so secret democratic plan. is she kidding or is she serious? that's coming up. in two minutes, the republicans are getting a famous surprise visitor to the national convention in tampa. we're not talking donald trump. this is bigger than donald trump. who is it? that's just two minutes away. whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah, he's probably got...
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>> vice president joe biden firing a shot across the bow by scheduling a trip to tampa, florida, during the same days as the republican national convention. that is obviously no scheduling mess-up. it is political warfare. the vice president will head to tampa at the same time as 4,400 republican delegates and alternatives. the obama campaign announced that the vice president will travel to the tampa area and other cities for campaign events on monday and tuesday, but did
7:38 pm
not give any more details. now we doubt any of those campaign events will be at the tampa bay times forum where the republican national convention will be taking place, but so what do you think of the vice president's tampa drop-in? is it a smart political move to divert attention from republicans or is it a silly political game? go to and tell us what you think. we're back in two. te. crest 3d white whitestrips. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free,
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she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] urina cat chow complete. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight. >> greta: a surprising statement from a famous democrat in 60 seconds, but first our new york newsroom with headlines. >> forecasters predicting tropical storm isaac will grow to hurricane strength in the next 48 hours. isaac's expected to reach the eastern caribbean seas early thursday. storm watches are posted for puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. and republicans are keeping a close eye on isaac. computer modelings have the storm possibly hitting central florida during next week's convention in tampa.
7:41 pm
syrian leaders hinting that they're prepared to discuss the regs nation of president bashar assad, but opposition parties claim the proposal is merely an effort to win more time for assad's struggling regime. his forces reportedly launched massive attacks near damascus today, killing dozens of people. at the same time syria's advising the u.s. not to intervene, warning the civil war could spread to other countries in that region. >> greta: is she kidding or serious? former secretary of state madeline albright said this at a barack obama rally in colorado last week. >> i'm with the truman foundation, and i was in missouri, speaking on behalf of president truman and the foundation, and so i kind of presumed it was a democratic audience.
7:42 pm
gets up and says, how long are you people going to blame the previous administration? and i said forever. >> greta: chief political correspondent byron york joins us. was she serious or trying to be funny? >> you know, there are some jokes that are true. i think this is one joke that is true. and clearly, you know, every speech the president gives, every speech representatives of the president gives, they always talk about the mess that they were left by the bush administration. i checked my email box not too long ago. it's emails from the white house with transcripts of the president's and first lady's statements, statements from the dnc, other democratic groups. jay carney said talked about the sea of red ink that this president inherited. michelle obama last week, he inherited an economy losing 750,000 jobs a month. dnc on the same day, the
7:43 pm
economic crisis president obama inherited. they talk about it every day. >> greta: as a voter, you know, you know, i understand the -- that he got dealt a bad hand economically, and each president comes in thinking that he got dealt a bad hand for whatever reason, but at some point it becomes -- seems like weak, if you're always blaming. like, you know, i'm sort of like, give it's a rest. tell me what you're going to do. a lot of people are under water in their homes, a lot of people don't have jobs. i mean, yes, we know you blame the other side, whether it's right or not. what are you going to do for me? >> yeah. >> greta: i would think. >> the voters have factored this in. i mean, they understand the fact is president obama did inherit a mess. >> he didn't stop in year two
7:44 pm
or three. now, we're in year four. the issue of the campaign is whether the president has done enough to fix the mess they inherited or whether as mitt romney said sh he could have done more. >> it's fair to say the president owns the trend from january 2009. he -- no matter what he got dealt he owns the trend fu. look at the different to the extent the economy is the main issue, and have you to look at indicators and see is it enough, an upward graph? or flat or downward? >> advisors never thought that the president would have had to fix the unemployment problem by november, 2012 to be reelected but he had to show that trend. voters had to believe things were getting better it wasn't just one isolated month but things were getting better month after month, week after week and bad indicators were going down and good indicator goesing up. that is what hadn't happened. >> this is just a bad joke.
7:45 pm
was... >> it's a true joke, i think. >> greta: true joke. in terms of how -- by the way how was the president doing? how is the governor doing as we roll down to the convention? who is doing well? >> we just had released tonight "wall street journal" nbc poll showing that the president is ahead of mitt romney and that is unchanged from the month before and in the month before that. if you look at that poll at least it's been a remarkably stable race. >> greta: convince me why i should care about a national poll. i think the--i think when it's the swing states, battle ground states are the polls making difference. because it could be the national poll could be skewed by highly-populated state. >> it's true. we've seen a little movement, mitt romney seems to be doing better in ohio, florida,
7:46 pm
wisconsin. so he is showing progress in battle ground states. boy say as far as national polls are concerned about you average all of the polls together or maybe last half dozen you usually get a pretty good picture of where the electorate is. averages and polls tend to do well when you get close to election day, you can look at that average and what happened on election day. they're not bad predictions. >> greta: i won't ignore national polls anymore. >> don't do it. >> thank you. >> greta: you're going to hear from paul ryan is he looking forward to debating vice president biden? ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creato of the 2012 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever.
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>> greta: time to spend now, paul ryan sat down with sean hannity tonight. >> how do you, how do we stop the dead from rising? you once told me we have two years to fix it. >> that is what experts are telling us. it's clear that the next president of the united states will determine what this country is going to be like for a generation sh a long time. we will be like europe if we stick with president obama's plan. we don't want to have that. so there are three thing ns
7:51 pm
you need. you need people to go back to work, higher take home pay, economic growth. two, you've got to cut spending. 40 cents of a dollar we spend is bor yod money, half comes from other countries like china three, you have to reform government programs our entitlement programs and the way we propose to reform those if we do it now, you prevent anyone who is in and near retirement from having changes in their lives which is different than what the president is doing. you phase in reforms. >> sean: talk about foreign policy. you knee see what happens in the middle east and rise of the muslim brerjhood uniting with iran. very dangerous meeting coming up, iran just in the last week has twice threw their supreme leader threatened to wipe israel off the map again. tell us about your foreign policy experience. >> most of the traveling i've been throughout my 14 years in
7:52 pm
congress as -- has been in the middle east. i have been to those funerals and talked to widows and wifes and parents. i've gone to afghanistan and iraq to meet with our troops to learn from them. and i have a lot more experience than barack obama did when he became president. if you take a look at our current posture, president obama is leading from behind. he's outsourcing our foreign policy decision making to the un so that countries like russia can exercise veto power over us. and these, what i call reckless, irresponsibility defense cuts that are the result of the president's failed leadership are weakening our resolve and national security and national defense in a time when it's very important that we get back to the peace to strength doctrine. we have an unquestionable advantage in military that, is why i helped write and pass
7:53 pm
the bill to prethose cuts from passing to replace spending cuts with other spending cuts that ought to occur in government. i agree with mitt rom neechl we need strengthen our resolve with our allies like israel and make sure our adversaries respect us and understand us clearly that is not the case today. and we need to get back to peace through strength doctrine by having a strong military. >> sean: would you support israel if they deem it necessary for the national security to take out? >> israel has every rig to protect national security interests and iraq and iran's cape yikt is not only a threat to israel but a threat to our national security. last thing we want is an arms race in the united states. i think the president's lack of leadership on this issue and lack of support for israel during this time brought to us where we are. >> sean: go together un and saying -- saying it must start with 67 boarders under cuts
7:54 pm
our allies. his reverences to bb nettanna yu as the president under cuts our allys. >> sean: you're counter part is a guy by the name of joe biden. he recently had, well, i guess you might say his latest gaffe. they want to put you all back in chains. thoughts about biden? what did you think of the remarks? >> i enjoy debate. it's what we do in congress. i love spirited eeb yates about ideas. i know joe a long time. we get along personally quite well. i am looking forward to debating joe. with respect to things he says these are the things people say when they've run out of ideas and solutions and these are the things they say when they have a terrible track record they can't run on and when not offering anything new z trying to knock this campaign down into the gutter
7:55 pm
that. is what you get. we're not going fall for that. i don't think the people of the country are going to fall for that. i think they want to see us get back on top as america. we're going to do that. >> greta: coming up, your last call and one more quick round there is a new presidential front runner who. can it be? stay tuned. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment.
7:56 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. >> new survey predicts women and the elderly are more likely to vote in the presidential election. she blames the new front runner michael bublay. read my lips. there will be no new tax autos that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight.


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